Aftermarket Support Services

Industrial & Automotive products

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) now rely on tier 1 and tier 2 component suppliers for additional support during aftermarket activity. Keeping these relationships can be useful in sustaining longer term support for the product, as well as ensuring satisfaction on the product’s performance. However, many original equipment component suppliers are not set up to deal with such aftermarket support activity or do not wish to engage in such non-core activities.

Using generic or customer specific OBD tools, our failure mode and validation test experience provides us with the expertise to analyse and quickly develop strategies to minimise the impact of typical failure modes associated with products and systems after deployment. And through our network of component manufacturers and associates, we can assist redesign and test where major field issues are uncovered or component obsolescence occurs.

MEPCS can offer contracted aftermarket support services to component suppliers, assuming the responsibilities of materials management, parts logistics, field repair and refurbishments. We have the skills required to provide you with end-to-end product lifecycle support, enabling you to offer customer focussed aftermarket support whilst leaving your internal resources to continue new product development.

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