Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage plays an important part of energy generation and distribution systems, helping to smooth out the intermittency of renewable generation systems and in some cases providing a level of power factor correction, thus ensuring a smooth capable supply for on-grid and off-grid energy networks. An intelligent energy storage system enables the development of smart grids and intelligent appliances allowing demand to be varied according to the availability and cost of power throughout the day, as well as improving the up-time of otherwise intermittent renewable energy systems. For example, the wind doesn’t blow all the time, so it’s important to be able to store excess electricity generated when it’s windy to even out the supply. The same applies to wave and solar power for example. Renewable energy sources do not necessarily produce power when electricity is needed.
Find out how MEPCS can support your renewable energy project with design, development and support of energy storage systems.

Prometheus - a micro-grid, off-grid or domestic solution

Our 5kWh and 10kWh systems are designed to support smaller renewable energy solutions, typically connected to Solar PV or small wind turbine applications. With an estimated useful life of 15 years, a Prometheus system can provide off-grid power in remote areas, support improvements in supply efficiency and support payback beyond initial investment. Link to specifications for our Prometheus energy storage system

Grid Scale & larger systems

Using the Prometheus system as a building block, we can create larger energy storage systems for use in grid-scale applications supporting PV, wind or tidal renewable energy sources.